Thursday, 19 January 2012

Time to go back to ice and snow

Tide coming in #1

We left early, on my last full day in Nassau, to walk down to the beach in time to catch the sunrise and watch the tide coming in. In some places, it rushed....

Tide coming in #2

....but not in others.

The beginning of the end (pano)

To fully appreciate this photogragh, click on it to see it in its entirety on Flickr: I think it's rather pretty....

The beginning of the end #1

Once we got back to the house, I spent my day stripping two more coconuts of their fibre, cracking open roadkill coconuts for their sweet water (which was mixed with good rum), doing laundry, and trying to think about everything I had to do when I got back to Canada.

Sadly, there were no photographs of the way back: it was too dark to get a half-decent shot of Niagara Falls as we made our descent into Toronto, and then it was just black all the way to Calgary (via Saskatoon, where there was no snow).

I've been back a week now, and the temperatures have been as low as -40 with winchill (that's both Celsius and Fahrenheit), and it's been snowing. At least it's starting to warm back up, with a chinook and temperatures above freezing this weekend.

Both me and my camera can hardly wait....

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