Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Great. Inagua.

Feral Goats (Inagua: Day 1)

Casual encounters with other artists, starting with two expat Canadians, opened up an opportunity for me to go to Matthew Town on Great Inagua, which is the most southerly island in The Bahamas. I had been told I'd see a lot of feral donkeys, but didn't see any at all. The goats, however, hang out down by the big lighthouse on the southwest corner of the island.

Not a beaver pond (Inagua: Day 2)

The salt pans are stark and beautiful, in their own way.

Flamingos! #4 (Inagua: Day 2)

But the highlight for me were the 80,000 wild West Indies flamingos that make Inagua National Park their home.

Flamingos! #6 (Inagua: Day 2)

I wish someone had taken a picture of me photographing the birds out on Great Inagua: I quietly walked up a road, doing my best Canada goose imitation to get close to these guys. Don't laugh! That's what flamingos actually sound like.

Roseate Spoonbill #1 (Inagua: Day 2)

But spotting a roseate spoonbill was equally as amazing: I was practically falling out of the window in the pickup shooting this picture.

Not unlike the tourists who come to Banff National Park and see their first bear, or moose, or elk, I guess.

And as jaded as I am about seeing our Canadian national park wildlife, that was also pretty much the same reaction of the son of my tour guide, who was sound asleep in the back seat of the pickup truck.

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