Sunday, 17 April 2011

Out of sight, sometimes out of mind

Guess who we cheer for?

For regular perusers of this blog, you'll notice there's been a longer-than-usual gap between postings. There's a reason for that.

While I waited for my Alberta Foundation for the Arts grant to arrive, I was knitting endlessly, preparing for my upcoming shows, and then my partner came home for a week of R&R from working in the bush.

Calgary Yarnbomb #2

Then I was back to knitting, when I received word that I had also received a Canada Council for the Arts grant. Much merriment ensued, and my partner came home from the bush.

And then two days later, he died of a massive heart attack while I was out running some errands, and a large part of my raison d'ĂȘtre did too.

Reclamation project

Except I still had the shows to organize -- one to knit for, photograph, and frame, which is still in progress; and one to collect and organize yarn for, including the stuff above, as I will be knitting a half-labyrinth as a performance.

Writing or taking pictures for anything other than the show has been a luxury of time or logic I haven't been able to squeeze out until the last week or so.

In memoriam

But I'm not mostly hysterical all day and every day, which is a real improvement, and the work has kept me focussed at a time that my life after the middle of July looms like a black hole.

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