Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Walk, Don't Run

There have been enough hot and humid days here in Calgary to remind me of being on a beach and swimming in the ocean (both Pacific and Atlantic), hence the surf music this blog post begins with.

Fixing the river

And in light of the drought we're currently experiencing here in western North America, it's ironic that the photographs here are more-or-less water-related as well. There are several places along the Bow River where remediation continues from the flood two years ago, where I found a stretch of fencing that separated the pathway from the eroded bank.

Public Art #2

Recently opened further down the path was a new piece of public art that is designed to use the outflow from storm sewers in the neighbourhood, and a lovely cobblestone-like plaza around it.

Public Art #3

The title, finally, also refers to much of my life in the last month: walking, not running, towards restoring more of my life as an artist, and away from situations that either pushed me somewhere I didn't want to go or that jacked up my blood pressure.

And I think the work I've been doing reflects those changes in a positive way: this is a small sculptural work in-progress.

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