Tuesday, 18 August 2009

In (and out) of the wilderness

Summer Flowers

When I'm working on a major project, like my solo show that opens next month, I have a tendency to over-complicate things sometimes.

In this instance, I've been working on horizon, the new book that I will be installing. The photograph I'm using for it is 5 inches high and 27 inches long, and that will include front and end papers, and seven sets of flags.

Little house on the canola field

While I've got some paper in stock to run it off on, it's quite cream-coloured, and I really want to have this on a white paper. I've found some I love, but I either have to buy a small quantity of standard letter-sized paper and piece it together (with extra time to ensure accurate printing on the flip side of the flags), or buy a small roll, which will give me enough paper to last several years (at a substantially higher cost).

On the surface, the cheapest outlay of cash would dictate piecing, but I suspect I would end up running off multiple sheets, likely have to get a new set of ink cartridges for the printer, spend hours and hours cutting and matching, and still not be happy with the end result.

Rolling in clover

So I'm going to go with the roll paper: my small test print on it (courtesy of a sampler pack I bought with my new computer) is amazingly gorgeous, and, frankly, the book, and the installation, will look better for it.

Oddly enough, these are the sorts of things I spend much of my time thinking about when out hiking with friends on Flickrmeets, from where the images in this blogpost originate: being out of the city helps clean out my mind of extraneous silliness and makes me realize what truly does matter.


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