Saturday, 16 April 2016

Letting the river run

Keeping watch

Although it's been painfully dry here in the city, and virtually all of the snow melted ages ago, the Bow River is still fast-flowing, especially downstream of where the Elbow meets it. The level's not that high -- yet -- but a recent wander along the southern shore in Inglewood surprised me with the speed of the water.

There are also a growing number of summer residents arriving and setting up "home": it wasn't until I zoomed in on this Canada goose that I realized I was being watched, instead of being only the watcher.

Washed up

Because of the 2013 flood, the river channel has altered substantially, and it's now possible to walk out on what was once riverbed and which is now a pebbly beach, strewn with detritus: I must admit, I prefer this feather to the many single shoes I found in my wandering.

New Growth

Along the riverbank, there are larger and larger splashes of green as well: I heard someone complain the other day that things are just so brown until they were reminded that it's still early April.

When I was a child, we had a great sun trap on the south side of our house, and it was highly unusual that our tulips would be up and blooming in time for Mother's Day, but when I was walking through an inner-city neighbourhood Monday evening after a meeting, I saw several clumps of tulips already at their prime. It's hard to be a climate-change denier with that evidence here these days.

Watery reflection #2

And although it's challenging to see some of the scenes in this video, particularly the twin towers in New York City, it was this song that sprang to mind while I was out walking.

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