Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Mixed Blessing

First spinning

When I left to go to Chicago and my residency at Ragdale, there were a number of pending items that were just sort of sitting at the back of my mind.


One was the job that I ended up not getting that I've mentioned in a previous post, there was a grant application that needed to be mailed out that I just didn't get a chance to do (it didn't need to be postmarked before November 1), there was another grant application that I was hoping to hear good things from (and heard that immortal word unsuccessful from on Monday), and last, but not least, I was waiting to hear back about a province-wide touring show that I had submitted I will look for you in the forest to.

Square 1

Waiting is not my strong suit: I pace a lot, or knit for longer stretches than my wrists really prefer, or eat, or consume copious quantities of tea or alcohol. Patience may be a virtue, but it ain't one of mine....

The submission form indicated that notifications would be mailed out Monday, November 8, so I would get antsy most mornings before our mail delivery person would come. If s/he passed our mailbox by, I'd get grumpy and retreat into the studio or to the computer: if there was mail, I would beat feet out to grab it, only to find junk mail, or bills, or something for a previous resident.

I will wait for you in the forest -- Side B

After a week, I had pretty much given up hope, and had even found another show to submit it to. Imagine my surprise when I received an email telling me that yes, they did want it....

Well, that's the good news. And as I was able to snag an empty box at my regular art supply place, I've just got to figure out an easy way to get it in and out for shipping to all four venues. Details will be forthcoming.

I will wait for you in the forest -- Side A

But since I've found yet another fibre exhibition opportunity, I need to create a new piece for it, and I've got some sketches and materials ready to start building something new. Oddly enough, if I make the second show, both pieces will be up within a 30-minute drive of each other for most of each run.

I've also sent out a few more proposals, and have several more in various stages waiting for final tweaks before sending them off as well. After that, deadlines tail off a bit, and I'll be back working in the studio, getting ready for my solo show in May.

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