Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Hitting the High Seas

Goin' on a sea cruise

There's a high-speed ferry that runs from Nassau to Harbour Island, on the east side of Eleuthera, with a stop in Spanish Wells, and we went en famille the first Friday of 2012.

Portholes #2

In keeping with my shoot the light ethos, I worked on finding different things to see.

What we do

Spanish Wells was founded by United Empire Loyalists -- people living in the United States at the time of the American Revolution but who sided with the British. While many of them moved to Canada, others moved to The Bahamas. It has what might be kindly referred to as almost a xenophobic attitude to strangers, but perhaps they are simply leery of becoming overrun with cash-wielding tourists.

Looking south

Harbour Island looks mostly like a place that is past its best before date, sadly. Big honking homes are up for sale, not being maintained, and there's a whiff of uncaring in the air. Our lunch at the Blue Bar was pretty less-than-mediocre, with my conch salad having a distinct lack of conch, and my "Key Lime Pie" created from a mix -- I know, because I make it at home.

That beach, however, is pretty spectacular.

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