Tuesday, 1 November 2011

The Velocity of Change

Too Hot to Handle, my contribution for the CJSW Funding Drive art auction last week.

It's eight months tomorrow, and at some level, I'm both surprised and exceptionally grateful that I'm back in the studio, creating new work that's mostly book-related at this point, but which may change after New Year's. I'm not sure yet, but strangely not panicked about what the future holds.

And I'm being inundated by the proposals that keep showing up in my email from friends who think I'd be "perfect" for a certain show or residency, and other just straight-ahead offers of places to go and things to do, which I'm in the process of filling in the details for. I'm now at the point of looking at 2013 to organize much in the way of new opportunities.

That's not a complaint, just an observation.

View Point

Had a lovely weekend in Vancouver, BC to attend their biennial Wayzgoose: apart from a few morning showers when I arrived on Friday, and dreariness to start Saturday, it was a glorious weather time, as you'll note from the other pictures in this post. It was a chance to see new work from the assembled fine printers and illustrators, to show off lifeshift, which was well received by everyone I pulled it out for, and to talk shop with some very talented people.

But some of the best moments from the weekend came when I was out in White Rock, staying with my cousins -- the first time the three of us have been together in thirty years -- and spending time walking along the beach with camera in hand. It's the last serious break I'm going to have before making like a hockey player and getting the puck out of town in December.


Apart from several herons, like this one having Sunday brunch, I also spotted a red-throated loon, which I've now added to my life list. I've already got a list of birds I'm likely to spot in the Bahamas over Christmas, many of which I've never seen before, so there will be more of those pictures appearing both here and on my Flickr pictures.

Moving further down the beach

I'm not sure what was more interesting: watching the herons fishing, or when they took to flying further along the beach.

I can catch them!

So many opportunities to come, but I can't, and won't, catch them all....

My horoscope for today reads Stop thinking about all the things that might go wrong in your life and start thinking about all the things that will probably go right. Your mind is a powerful tool: what you think about today is what you create for yourself tomorrow.

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