Sunday, 21 April 2013

O Spring, Where Art Thou?

Spring is late #3

I know this is Calgary, and I know it's April, but I, and most of my fellow Calgarians, are sick and fed up with winter.

Last Saturday, we had a rousing snowstorm -- I made it home on the last bus, which was quite the adventure -- that lasted through Sunday, and wouldn't you know it, it started flaking again off and on all day yesterday, and produced another skiff overnight.

Spring is late #1

While the pictures in today's blog are from last week's dump, they are pretty emblematic of what we've had this spring: I can't recall one since I moved back from Virginia where it's been so dreary.

Spring is late #5

On the other hand, this Time-Release Rainfall is most definitely welcome by the farmers, even if it does mess around with the ranchers keeping newborn calves safe, warm, and dry.

Spring is late #5

It's been a busy week here, although there's not much to show it for visually: unusually for me, the week filled up with a myriad of social engagements, a great radio interview I'll be editing to air on CJSW, another volunteer stint for One Yellow Rabbit to usher for "Songs from Nightingale Alley (highly recommended, but only two more shows remaining in the limited fundraising run), and a lot of research/reading for upcoming projects.

Spring is late #4

If you've friended me on Facebook, you'll know that I like to post occasional status updates of music videos in the evening: whether it's something old, like my passion for early 1980s dance music (aka disco), or new tunes I've heard while showfilling or listening to BBC Radio 2, one of the best things about returning to the land of the living has been the rebirth of my passion for music. Here's one song I've really been taken with recently....

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