Friday, 12 April 2013

Dreamland Wonderland

Deck detrius

Still have the curious feeling of John Cage's 4'33" looping through my mind instead of all the cacophony of grief, and that's freed up a lot of mental space. Part of it is being, for the first time in two-plus years, used to generate dreams that I'm now able to remember in the morning, and that's also contributing to more real rest in the sense of sleeping through the night. What an incredible change in my energy level this has made!

On top of that, I've also started real new work: right now, I'm pursuing a book idea that someone planted in my brain a few years ago, pulling together some of the necessary ingredients (i.e., words and pictures): it's proving to be an exciting process for reasons that will be revealed later.

Form 1

I'm also working on two collaborative projects: one is with Line Dufour, a Toronto fibre artist, who is creating a series of large wall hangings with pieces submitted from around the world. Here is one of the two pieces I've completed so far, and I'm working on several others. (This one in real life is about 4 inches, or 10 cm, across.)

Pantone Postcard Project

The other is with Emily Martin, who produces wonderful artist books: she distributed 100 Pantone chip postcards for artists to "alter" and return. I like the roughness and hand-wrought quality of this piece, as I've worked on it through the last couple of weeks of my own transition.


Next week sees the return of a solidly booked-up calendar, with meetings, interviews, proposals, and a host of other crazy things happening -- including, sadly, more snow, I suspect.

So wonderfully, and refreshingly, back to my former life, although it's still a wee bit scary, but in a very good way that makes me want to dance and sing a lot. Thus in that vein, What is this? This is a rock song!

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  1. hey! i love reading how you're doing, i almost never get over here, so a big hello and hurrah!


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