Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Random Reflections

Trespassers will be eaten

As I write this, I'm sitting at what used to be called Dorval: the main airport for Montreal, and I'm waiting for my flight back to Calgary. It's been ten weeks on the road (and rail, and air, and bus, and car) and I'm looking forward to getting back.


I've seen the leaves change from green to red, yellow, brown, and most shades in between, and then fall down, to be swept away in the winds of Hurricane Sandy.


Faced down challenges, discovered long-dormant talents, and realized that while life will never return to the "old normal," the "new normal" isn't so bad.

Sir John, eh?

Visited with old friends and new, found my heart and a vision, several new projects, and dusted off some old skills.

Pour me another

And had more than a few beverages.


The soundtrack has ranged across musical styles, and I'm glad to be getting the opportunity soon to change out a lot of music on my iPod.

And to be back in a familiar bed, and city, once again.

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