Tuesday, 30 October 2012

From the sound of Mount Royal's chimes

Dessert #2

My dessert, concluding a great lunch at Kitchenette (sadly, their website is currently down, or I'd post a link) last Wednesday was the first salvo in what has become a glut of good eating here in Montréal. (The rest of the meal, for you foodies, included Maryland crabcakes and an ivory salmon tartare with the most exquisite waffle-cut potato chips, accompanied with a single-malt "Scotch" whiskey pot-stilled in Oregon.)

Philippa Brock show at MCCT #3

Along with food for the body, there's been a lot of nourishment of my creative soul: this is a detailed shot from the Philippa Brock textile installation up at the Montreal Centre for Contemporary Textiles.

Really amazing work, with some of the pieces woven with fluorescent fibres, so that when you shine a black light on them, they glow in strange colours. My favourite of those pieces looks like a lovely, although plain, piece of silk organza under regular lights, but the most amazing moiré pattern appears when the black light shines on them.

L'ange vagabond

Such a glorious day here last Friday that on the way back from the MCCT, we stopped downtown and walked up rue Parc to Jeanne-Mance Park. This is the angel on top of the statue of Georges-Etienne Cartier, the visionary Quebec leader who brought the province into Confederation.

A walk through the woods

More visual delights awaited walkers through the park, as the breeze caught the falling leaves, cyclists crowded the bike lanes, and classes from nearby McGill University took time to have one last gathering outside on the grass.

Allez au marché

Saturday morning saw us go to Marché Jean-Talon, not far from the MCCT. So many wonderful microbrewed beers and ciders available -- I did my part in selecting a few! -- and they have all been terrific to drink. The box on the left middle is a suckling pig/duck tourtière (meat pie): it was Saturday night's dinner, and so delicious it was that we had roasted duck breasts on Sunday as well.

I don't think I've put on weight during this adventure, but I certainly haven't lost any more either.

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