Wednesday, 14 October 2009



My original plan for Destiny, the book arts show that opens tomorrow night at Arts on Atlantic here in Calgary, was to enter horizon (photos).

But like most well-laid plans, this one went slightly awry: The Universe Beyond came along, for which I needed two exhibition-quality books, and horizon joined spirit river in that show. So what to create for Destiny?

A recent Sunday walk down to the Bow River provided the inspiration (and the back cover), and another photograph, taken on a spring fishing trip, became the front cover for river. Because it's a movable structure, it doesn't "read" like a regular book: have a look at the video to see how it works!

And with this opening, I will have three shows running concurrently: life has gone from being a gentle float in a rubber dinghy to Grade 4 water in a skirted kayak. And that's not a bad thing.

A bright spot of colour

On another note, it's October here: a time when weather can go from summer's heat to winter's cold at the drop of a jetstream. Last weekend was dull, cold, and mostly lifeless, with the exception of these wonderful paper-like lantern plants injecting a welcome splash of orange in a monotone landscape.

Looking out

I'm looking forward to tomorrow night's opening and, especially, heading to Vancouver next week for the Alcuin Society's Wayzgoose. It's a chance to see what others are doing, chat a bit, and see some green grass. Lots of pictures from the new camera, I'm sure, when we return.


  1. Lovely and clever way to use this structure, Linda!

  2. I LOVE your paper lanterns. Any change you could save me a stalk?

  3. They aren't "our" lanterns, unfortunately, but belong to a house near us. I could nip over there and ask though....


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