Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Open for Business

Window #1

A window of The Universe Beyond.

September has been even more harried that I thought it would be: between installing The Universe Beyond, and a range of activities associated with Alberta Arts Days, a deadline, and out-of-town company, I've barely had time to do much real creative work.

Apart from knitting a vest for a tree (as part of Art in the Park) that I will be installing on Friday, and working my way through tutorials to learn Final Cut Express and my upgraded copy of Illustrator CS3, I've not spent the time I've wanted (not to mention needed) to work on the new projects.

A slight readjustment

The second half of The Universe Beyond.

The crush is on to get several things out the door sooner, rather than later: two proposals are waiting on installation pictures of the tree/vest, a new book, and at least one residency application needs to be well along before heading to Vancouver for the Alcuin Society's Wayzgoose.

If you're interested in hearing more about The Universe Beyond and my other projects firsthand, host JoAnn Reynolds will be having me as the lead guest on CJSW's Artslink on Tuesday, September 26, at 1800 MDT (2000 EDT, or 0000 GMT), available at 90.9 FM in Calgary and, as they say, around the world through the 'net. Check out their various streaming options here.

Better buzz on down the road....


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