Friday, 4 September 2009

Onward and upward

Front cover detail

Inside flags

The work continues.

horizon (above) was completed in one take, as opposed to the numerous versions of spirit level I went through before I could send the scene to be printed.

Early, even, to be installed at my solo exhibition down @ EPCOR Centre here in Calgary. (Artist statement and biography now up!)

My old camera simply doesn't do the work justice, but I'll take my new toy (a Canon SX10 IS) down early next week for some higher-resolution pictures: in the meantime, you can see some installation shots taken by Mark Strowbridge on Facebook.

I seem to be spending more time lately working on visuals: right now, I'm working my way through a book on Final Cut Express, hoping to gain enough knowledge to put together a short video clip for two show proposals (which explains some of the movie jargon!).

That being said, it's a relief to have The Universe Beyond up: I've spent much of the last two months (i.e., since I found out) thinking about it, even when I was thinking about "other things."

So, life calms down a bit for the next while. I've only got the video and the two proposals to finish by the end of next week, when my brother-in-law arrives for a visit. While he's here, I'll be spending the Sunday at Art in the Park, where I'm one of the artists-in-residence.

The following weekend, I'll be doing my part to support Worldwide Spin In Public Day on Saturday by taking my wheel and being part of Alberta Arts Day at a local library branch.

Sunday, The Book Arts (with What I Felt ) opens its two-year tour of Alberta in Medicine Hat.

Busy? Who, me?


  1. Sounds like you're going to be just as busy as you've been! Congrats on all the good things going on.


  2. Oh, someone who both binds and spins! How cool is that!


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