Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Happy Blog Birthday


(The handwritten addition just cracks me up -- some days, you need a good laugh....)

I'm surprised that I'm still blogging after two years: maybe it's because I don't write much, or often. That being said, I've got a better record with the blog that I have with my journal since I started doing blog, and I have done some other writing lately, so....

Part of the reason I haven't been writing much here lately is that I've just been swamped with stuff.

Thirty-plus years ago, I had an accident that resulted in smashing up a tooth rather badly (along with a couple of stitches in my lower lip). A series of crowns had been doing a fine job since, but a few weeks ago, the latest started to wiggle loose.

Several dental visits and a great deal of money later (hurrah for insurance), and I'm now recuperating from yesterday's surgery for an implant. I'm no big fan of any sort of medical treatments, but I've got a fine dentist I like and trust, and everything went well, so in six months, I'll be 100%.

But I have been spending a lot of time there lately -- the joke that I should just camp out is starting to wear thin, I think -- and between that and finishing off my Guild of Bookworkers Marking Time entry, which was sent off two days early, no less, I'm back playing catch-up with other deadlines, one of which is next Wednesday.

That set of forms is, however, mostly done, plus I can file the whole thing electronically, which is a decided advantage: I've got as many fingers and toes crossed for this adventure as is physically possible, and will post more details if/when it comes through.

The push is on to finish it much sooner because I'm volunteering at the Brier, the Canadian Men's National Curling Championship. When it was here in 2002, I went to see a morning draw live, and it was terrific: when Calgary was again announced as host, I knew I wanted to be part of the experience from the inside.

That's one reason we took curling lessons last year, but certainly not the only one: it's a whole heap of fun too.

So long as I can also scrape out some quality knitting time, it's going to be an interesting couple of weeks....

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  1. I fell on my face and broke my teeth when I was young. I've been through the tooth-repair gauntlet. Much empathy.

    The sign: we've had a lot of news lately about coyotes getting brazen and biting people, especially those who are out with their dogs. Not to mess with. Cats inside, too. The coyotes don't have many places to go any more where there aren't people encroaching.


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