Thursday, 4 September 2008

Up against the wall, eventually


The speed at which I'm working away at projects is a little deceptive sometimes: there are days I don't think I get much done, but actually do, and then there are days I feel I've accomplished a lot when I really haven't.

That being said, overall I'm really moving right along through the projects I want to get done in the short-term, and I'm having to schedule "down time" to keep my health up.

Part of that "down time" requirement has meant having to excise some people and things that were quickly becoming black holes of personal energy: it's not something I particularly enjoy doing, but I've found it necessary for self-preservation of both body and soul.

In essence, over the years, I've become a great believer in the Kenny Rogers School of Philosophy....

You've got to know when to hold 'em
Know when to fold them,
Know when to walk away,
Know when to run.

Another part of that energy reclamation entailed heading over the the local Highland Games last Saturday, which turned into a lovely day, despite a cool breeze and a depressing forecast. (Said forecast proved to be accurate, as there was quite the nice snowfall in Canmore the next day!)

Apart from a bridie (no haggis again this year -- boo hiss) and several fine drams of single-malt while enjoying excellent music in the beverage tent, I spent most of my time checking out the heavy events and the afternoon footy match (Scotland 3, England 1), and browsing the many tents of stuph.

There's mostly bits from instruction books with DVDs, to practice chanters for bagpipers, and any number of memorial items for the Scottish (and Celtic in general) diaspora, though I tend to spend my time looking more longingly at things I actually use, primarily t-shirts and calendars.

In the latter category, the pickings were pretty slim, except for three from Michael MacGregor at one stall, and I ended up choosing one of Highland Cattle. After milling about for a few minutes, I eventually found the queue to pay.

An' wha' do ye hae? asked the woman behind the table.

Just a calendar, thanks. said I.

Whi' one, love? Islands? Puffins?

No. Coo.

And now we are the happy owners of a 2009 Coo Calendar.

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