Wednesday, 10 September 2008

Doing the right thing, for once


The City of Calgary gives a lot of lip service to preserving our history, but until very recently, it had a well earned reputation for encouraging the tearing-down of old buildings to put up an awful lot of schlock.

Not surprisingly, when it was announced a few years ago that many of the big, older trees in our neighbourhood would need to be removed because they were becoming dangerous, there was a rather large hue and cry.

A compromise, of sorts, was reached: the trees would be removed, but rather than being simply hauled off, they would be used to create natural parks and gently return to the earth.

One of these parks, which we call Loghenge, is near our home, and it's become one of my favourite places to go when I need a break from my projects. It's not big, but it exhibits very distinct personalities throughout the seasons.

Here's more of what I saw on yesterday's adventure, including another regular visitor....


Two by two


Raspberry (dis)patch(ed)

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  1. Gorgeous photos; of course I love the top one best!


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