Tuesday, 4 March 2008

Happy Belated Birthday


My blog is one year old, as of yesterday, and I received the perfect present by email: notice that How to Make a Peacock Fly, shown above, was not only accepted into the upcoming Arts on Atlantic book arts show entitled flight, but also awarded (well, tied for) "best original design."

More pictures are available in a dedicated Flickr set.

There's a little something for the fibre folks, the book arts group, and typographers: here are the technical details.

10 x 10 x 10 cm closed


Box: Two-ply box board, various purchased papers, needle-felted Corriedale wool liner.

Fishing fly: 5/0 Mustad steel hook, barb pinched; green thread; peacock herl (tail and lower body); hand-dyed mohair (fluffy and bouclé, upper body); dun feather (palmered) and Brasilia yarn hackle.

Ox-plow book: Strathmore Aquarius II and artist-created paste papers, card stock, handspun linen thread. Custom typefaces created by Vince Connare (MagpieLinda, text) and James Arboghast (Pyke’s Peak, display).

(And despite working yesterday's provincial election here in Alberta that featured a record-low turnout, I'm not going to engage in a rant about how useless and apathetic 60% of my fellow citizens are. No, I won't waste my time doing that at all.

Even though I'm quite disgusted by the whole process....)

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  1. Congratulations on the show & award - a very fitting birthday present, I'd say! But you should probably have a dram or three as well.


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