Sunday, 23 March 2008

Birth and death

Front of Nanoknitting

I've been wanting to get an iPod for some time, particularly with the long cross-country journey ahead of me. (Need. Tunes. On. Airplane. And. Long. Bus. Ride.)

So imagine my surprise when I found this one on sale when we were out for a walk on Friday and found ourselves at the nearest Staples? Everyone's told me that I have to have some sort of protective sleeve on it, and given the plethora of fibres and papers I've been working with lately with the same colour scheme, it didn't take long for me to fish out my remnant balls and mess around.

Within two hours yesterday morning, nanoknitting was born: here's a view of the back of it as well....

Back of Nanoknitting

Working with fibre has always been an emotional escape for me. One of the reasons I threw myself into doing this so quickly after purchase has, I'm sure, got to do with my visceral reaction to death.

Glen Schey, a friend from my university radio days in the early 1970s, died Thursday afternoon: he had been ill for some time, and had been given two months to live last fall.

He had made his peace with his ex and his son before he died, and while I hadn't seen him for some time, he did keep in touch with a couple of others from what is now CJSW.


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