Saturday, 19 January 2008


Bear 2

When I was a kid, I remember seeing a lot of these signs around at independent car-repair shops: we had a series of older cars in those days, and they frequently needed fixing, I guess. grin

I've been keeping an eye out to see if there was one in good shape that still existed locally, and finally discovered the one pictured above. Actually, in the case of this sign, I think the more appropriate term would be rediscovered, as it's located close to where my dad used to work in the 1960s, which fits with my memories of that era.

Imagine my surprise, when we were in Vancouver last November, to discover a series of three cast printers' ornaments (below) designed by Jim Rimmer (type designer extraordinaire) that featured this little guy who I remembered so well.

Letterpress Bears

Some good news on the grant-writing front: I received some excellent feedback on my rejected submission from early last fall. As I suspected, the fact that I had to work up an extensive budget to encompass three possible outcomes (acceptance to Residency #1, acceptance to Residency #2, alternative to residencies to complete project) was too complex for the jury.

I can fully understand that -- it was a major pain to write and organize -- but there is a requirement to show two other options if the main request is for a residency that one has yet to receive an acceptance for. Seems strange to ask for the alternatives if a jury isn't willing (or able) to take the time to read through it in the first place.

Oh well. Other than that, it got great reviews, and the proposal I have for the next deadline (February 15) is much more concise, as well as cheaper to fund.


  1. Good luck with that next round! And thanks for posting the feedback - it may apply to me, too, re: a couple of rejected residencies.

  2. Oh, ps - I have seen those signs in the dim past, too! I think in Ohio.
    An international chain?

  3. Most likely.

    When I was talking to Jim about them, he said that one reason he picked Bear was because it had been around a long time and was well known.

    I've also got two Aladdin-style magic lamps and a wonderful camel: wish I knew the story behind them!


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