Wednesday, 30 January 2008

Guest Editor: Norman Bear



Thanks to Linda, I learned to knit and spin, and made the tie and sweater that I look so really spiffy wearing. Linda took this picture of me last October when we went hiking.

It can be hard to knit when you are a bear because the needles are sharp. Spinning is much more fun -- I have my own spindle and I like using it -- but I have a hard time winding on, because my paws are small.

Given a choice, though, if you asked, um, well, I would rather be outside catching a trout or salmon, because they are very tasty. (Well, most fish are!)

I only have beginner knitting skills, but I have a sense of adventure, so I could take the courses that Linda is teaching at Fibre Week at Olds College.

Most hu-mans would have fun at her classes. She likes to laugh when she knits, and she is very patient. Also, I will come up to Olds and show other bears and hu-mans how dashing I am in my handspun and handknit tuxedo at the evening events.

Please come to visit me in Olds: I don't bite much, and I have had my shots.

And if you would like to bring me a fish, that would be OK too.

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