Monday, 17 September 2007

Ups and Downs

Against A Morning Sky

Snow one day, heat the next, rain and wind the day after: ah, fall in Calgary.

Working a real job has been interesting, although coming down with a nasty cold on Thursday limited me to only two days. While I sat at home, alternating drinking orange juice and sleeping, I was pleased to receive notice that my production knitting work has been accepted for sale in the Alberta Craft Council Shop, which will help fund my activities for next year.

Still no word about the Banff residency, although it should be soon -- no news is good news, I hope, ditto with the solo show application I submitted -- but I don't expect to hear anything about the grant for awhile yet.

So I contend myself with knitting (I've been working on the commissioned tea cosy, another scarf, and finishing up a mohair shrug), work, and take my camera out on adventures. The shot above is from a small park near our home that is planted with a range of plants from around the world, thriving in a protected micro-climate. I figured I had better go up there sooner rather than later, and it was a good move, as today is cool, raining and windy, and these leaves won't last much longer....

And I've been thinking a lot, which can be a mixed blessing: it always means more work!

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