Sunday, 9 September 2007

Change is Inevitable


Yes, this is real snow at Highwood Pass in Peter Lougheed Provincial Park, and barely an hour west of Calgary. It's not unusual to have snow the beginning of September up in the mountains (the pass is at 7238 feet or 2206 m), and as this is one of the highest public paved roads in Canada, it makes sense that one would see it here.

And I've walked away from a volunteer commitment I've had for more than two years: paying money to work my butt off and then get slagged for refusing to lie for people isn't my idea of "fun." Part of me wishes I could say I'm going to miss being part of the group, but I won't: the friends I've made know where to find me, and the others can indulge themselves to their hearts' content.

Apart from a couple of months pretending to be a file clerk last fall, I've managed to just be the artist for a year. In that time, I've completed a lot (well, for me!) of projects, have a half-dozen or so in various stages of dyeing, spinning, knitting, or paper model construction, and another dozen or so ideas in my handy sketchbook.

The down side has been that I've been spending too much time without human contact: no, Facebook and iChat don't really count.

So I've found myself the perfect antidote -- a part-time job. It's in our neighbourhood, a five-minute or so walk from home, and they're happy with me not working most evenings and weekends, so I can spend time being the significant other.

It's not the money, although I've got a long list of books and tools I'd like to buy, but the social interaction and the exchange of ideas with others in the two or three days a week I'll be working that I'm really looking forward to.

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