Thursday, 25 February 2016

Therapy by nature


My regular winter house-sit tends to be a very fruitful time artistically: even in the years when I haven't spent much time in the studio creating, the solitude and quiet have always fostered much thought that I've tried to build upon in the rest of the year.

I've been building, sketching, and writing far more this stretch, however, which pleases me no end: I have projects in a number of different rooms, in various stages of the process, and it's enjoyable to be able to do work on more than one piece at a time, as there's always something to glue or colour, and then wait for them to dry and move on.

Liquid and frozen

And when I haven't been in the studio, I've been reading more than usual, being social, and pushing myself -- physically, intellectually, and emotionally -- in any number of directions.

All at the same time.

Plus planning adventures for the next while: places to go, people to see, things to do.


But there's not much, other than the pictures from last Sunday's photoshoot adventure, to talk about here: my journal is bulging, however, and I ran out of ink in my disposable fountain pen, writing.

My plan to absent myself from social media didn't last a week, although I have cut back substantially.

Texture + bokeh = ?

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