Monday, 26 May 2014

Stylish Steel-eh-Toes

I ended up having this song as an earworm the day after I got hired (part-time, at a well-known home improvement store) as I had to purchase a pair of proper boots to wear for work. Found the absolute lightest-weight pair possible bearing the necessary CSA approval marking -- a green triangle, for those who care -- required.

Which explains why I've been pretty much missing in action here on the blog: between learning the job, watching the Stanley Cup playoffs (ice hockey, for those of you who don't know that), moving house yet again, fitting in another ten exciting days dog-sitting out in the country, plus planning an exciting adventure east next month.

At the pond #1

The days out in the country were particularly welcome, although I had thought they would be filled with lots of knitting, reading, and other creativity, they ended up being occupied with far less bucolic things (snow, trip to the vet, moving), but that's how it goes, I guess.

But I was glad to have the camera with me, especially when I was able, on my last full day there, to head up to one of my favourite places for a quiet walk in the rapidly greening forest.

On the prairie #2

As difficult as this past winter has been weatherwise, spring has eventually shown up, although many plants are well behind where they should be: crocus, for example are a flower of March or April, not mid-May.

Foray into bokeh

And with another record snow-pack up in the mountains, many people are casting a wary eye to the sky every time rain threatens: I was talking yesterday to a friend who lives in our old neighbourhood who finally moved back into her house in mid-January. I'm glad that won't be a problem in my life this year where I'm staying.

Rushing waters #4

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