Thursday, 3 April 2014

Temporary Construction

Preliminary Installation Shot #1

It looks so innocent, sitting there on the concrete floor, weighing ten pounds maximum, and about the size of my backpacking sleeping bag. Innocuously transported in a green garbage bag on the bus down to the installation, I looked like a bag lady.

Preliminary Installation Shot #2

A position I'm familiar with now, with it stretched out on the floor the way it has been in the studio. That large white thing is a 25 mm crochet hook, holding the hanging loop for the longest knitting section.

Preliminary Installation Shot #4

Viewed from the +15 walkway in the building, it attracted a lot of attention once it was up and plugged in: sadly, it only lasted like this for a day.


I'm ready for my close-up: here's a detail photograph I took the day we took it down.

Official portrait

I like to think of this photograph, assembled from seven, full-sized pictures in a montage, then cropped and reduced in size to upload to Flickr, as the official portrait. Fingers crossed that it finds other opportunities for display soon.

And here are the details....

Falling Away
Manila and jute ropes and cording, copper wire mesh, low-voltage lights
3.8 m high x 46 cm wide x 23 cm deep

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