Friday, 10 May 2013



Ah yes, Calgary: land of the instant season change. What had been snow-covered a week before was starting to green up last Sunday.

In some respects, the photo above reminds me a lot of my life lately, with several different paths running parallel to each other, then converging from time to time. For some reason, I seem to have fingers in a lot of pies lately: not sure why or how, but it makes for some strange days.

Slalom course

Whoever designed where the centre line should run on this stretch of pathway obviously did it on a computer with only the pathway marked, not the light standard or the barriers. But why didn't the crew who painted it do something about it when they discovered that one lane essentially doesn't exist in a rideable form?

Come to me, little mousies

Another in an ongoing series of photographs I've been shooting lately, looking at the intersection between the natural world and the constructed one.


Goldeneye drake showing off: his mate is just out of the frame to the left. Seeing these return to mate here in the middle of the city is just amazing.

Abandon hope

The constructed wetland that was the destination of this photowalk, which was spread out over two days when my batteries died and I didn't have a spare charged set with me, is home to a range of residents, including several red-winged blackbird males. This was as close as one would let me get, and his call to prospective mates is a loud one.

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