Sunday, 3 March 2013

Ups and downs

This is a time-lapse of sunrise from February 7 I shot while testing out a GoPro Hero2 camera: I set it up to take a picture every 30 seconds for just over three hours. Wish I had done this again this morning, as we've gone from +10C (50F) on Friday to -5C (23F) today (not counting the windchill), and accumulated close to 15cm (6") of snow in the last six hours. Thus, while the first day of March came in like a lamb, today is most certainly not.


Yesterday was kind of a blur: it was cool in the morning, not nearly as warm in the afternoon as was forecast, and thick dank fog on the way home last night. I did a long, but fun, spinning demo as part of Fibre Arts Day down at Fish Creek Public Library here in Calgary, and then spent the evening with friends commemorating (certainly not celebrating) two years of being alone.


Some days it feels like forever, and some days, it feels like it just happened. Year two was harder in the sense that once I quit being numb, I had to deal with emotions again, and as regular readers know, that was something I had difficulty with at times.

But in the four months since I returned from central Canada, I have found a growing kernel of peace and stability that I treasure dearly, and its influence on my life in general, and especially the creative part of it, has been most welcome. I have proposals going out the door, growing confidence that something will come up, and less hysteria in my life: three things I could not have said this time last year.


More installation photos from our group show at Pages Books on Kensington, up through April 27.

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