Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Falling up

Suspended animation #1

One of the things I do love about living in Calgary is the weather, and this time of year, it can be anything from 21C (70F) to -40C (-40F), and sometimes close to each end of the spectrum in the same day, with the warmest temperature being at 0100, and the coldest at 1700. Needless to say, it means we get to see a lot of interesting snow/ice/water interactions like this one I found last weekend when walking down by the river.

Please throw my frisbee again!

The river pathways are also prime dog-walking territory: this lovely pup dropped his fetch toy at my feet and I threw it for him to catch several times, exchanged plesantries with his owner, and then we each continued on our way -- southbound for me, northbound for them. Five minutes later, I heard the owner calling out to her dog, who was running full-tilt towards me with the toy in his mouth. After obliging another toss, she picked up his leash and then resumed her journey, with both of us laughing.

Setting sun

And when the weather is nice, as it was last Saturday, when I took these pictures, it's lovely to walk in the late afternoon to catch the shadows and reflections.

One of the older ones

Even if I forgot where I am, I could probably, with a computer, find out easily enough. These survey markers are scattered along the river, and were used to plot out the new development to the south of where I'm staying.

The Force

But we do have snow, and this coming Saturday marks the start of meteorological winter, which means The Silly Season has started. This year, I'm looking forward to a quiet one alone. I've starting sampling and testing out ideas for upcoming projects, and there is much work to do: it will be a lot of fun....

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