Thursday, 2 June 2011

Conditional Sentences


The Government of Canada says that (D)uring a conditional sentence, the offender is supervised and must follow the rules set by the judge or risk going to prison.

There are days in the last three months -- and it's been that long since I've been alone -- that I feel that my overwhelming emotions may have offended some, and that I've definitely needed supervision.

But I am doing better. Mostly. And I'm finally starting to go out and be a bit more social, which is a major shift.

Being productive instead of paralyzed is a refreshing change, at least most days, although since the pendulum of emotions has swung to the antithesis of numb, I sometimes wonder if it's an improvement.

In one of those wonderful dual meanings, a "conditional sentence" can also refer to at least six options, and I've rung every change from past real through past unreal, present real, present unreal, future real, and my personal choice future unreal.

I think it became my least favourite, however, the day I rediscovered a normal range of human emotions, and let them run wilder than should be legal: it's amazing what tricks the human mind can play on its owner....

Shades of Jackson Browne

My time at EPCOR was great, even with the rainy weather of last week and the overwhelming number of children in the building,

(Someone asked me "don't you like children?" Sure I do: boiled, fried, with a cream and Dijon mustard sauce, or lemon and capers....)

and I couldn't help but get emotional when I went in two days ago to bundle up the most improbable piece of knitting I've made, at least this year. And once I get the studio cleaned up so I have a place to string it up to dry, I'll get it washed and measured properly. Until then, I'm guessing that it's closer to 30 meters than I originally thought.

PR for Simplicity of Ritual

If anything has cheered me up lately, it's been the growing number of visitors to the blog (I guess it helps when I post something, right?) and the number of knitting-related websites that picked up the story in Calgary Herald, from the knitting section of, KnitIdeas, and especially Amy Singer's Knitty.

Installation A2

The most surprising place I've discovered some of my other installation work was this piece on Art Condos, a blog in Toronto, with one of my first cone cosy installations. Is that cool or what?

Ghostly garter snakes

Still not sure what is going to happen next in my life -- at least, after the ASA Forest Show finishes its run at the Leighton Centre, my solo photography show of knitted seasonal installations closes at the Fish Creek Environmental Learning Centre (that's the "spring" part of the show above, before I installed and photographed them), and Stampede, but I'm cranking out job applications and residency proposals, so someone's bound to want me somewhere.

At least, that's Plan A.

There's also a Plan B, since I'm obsessive that way, which is good news: not so long ago, I didn't have either.

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