Saturday, 13 November 2010

Midwest Adventure: Chicago (Part 1)

Longtime readers may remember my adventure to Pennsylvania in the spring of 2008, and this photo, which bore the caption "one of these days, I've got to spend more time in Chicago...."


Well, that day finally came.

From dining at the one and only Superdawg, complete with rather weird neon green relish,

Mmmm, lunch!

to checking out some of the amazing public art,

The Bean

and indulging in a visit to the original (not the franchises!) Billy Goat Tavern (the inspiration for John Belushi's classic SNL sketch) and yes, I had a cheezborgor and a beer or two.

Cheezborgor, cheezborgor, cheezborgor

I do believe that with all the walking I did, I truly can now refer to it as Sweet Home Chicago.

Sweet Home Chicago

Didn't do everything I wanted in town -- after all, I was there to have my two-week artist residency at Ragdale, and I'll have a separate post about my time and work there -- so I definitely still have a long list of places to go and things to do when I return.

And I will return....

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