Thursday, 26 August 2010

And the winner is....

After the storm

Well, I finally "heard": mostly thumbs-down, but one big thumbs-up.

I will be heading to the Chicago area in October for a two-week artist residency: it's semi-supported (i.e., it doesn't cost the earth, unlike a certain residency program in Alberta), but I do have to get there.

So I'm spending huge chunks of my days writing grant applications (one due next Wednesday) to go, trying to find other ways to pay for airfare, which is now utterly outrageous. In a perfect world, I'd have some time in the area to do some research for the next work in my series of Frank Lloyd Wright artifacts as knitted objects, but given the horrific expense of Chicago hotel rooms as well....

The Fungus Among Us #1

Thus, I am spending far too much time in front of my computer, instead of having a creative life: having to force myself away from the flickering box is difficult until I actually do it, and then I remember why I have to.

Life list check-off

Like going for a walk, and finding a solitary sandpiper Tringa solitáris quietly standing on a rock in the middle of a stormwater outflow.

The Fungus Among Us #4

Or widely varying fungus: the most I can remember seeing in all the years I've lived in Calgary.

Duck synchronized swimming

And these two lady mallard ducks, performing an elegant synchronized swimming routine.

Must. Finish. Grant. Off. Soon.

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