Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Up, down, up, down


Some days, I think I'm a Ferris wheel.

When I first moved down to this neighbourhood after I picked up my MEDes (Master of Environmental Design) degree, I so looked forwarded to getting a job downtown and being able to walk to work every day.

Well, um, that didn't exactly happen the way I expected: most of the jobs I was hired for were contract and not long-term, and they all wanted me to be a clone, nod nicely, and not rock the boat -- that's not the sort of attitude I can maintain for very long.


Don't get me wrong: I love where I live. It's a fabulous, vibrant community, even though the big supermarket is a rip-off, the pubs overprice their draft, and we haven't had a good Chinese food take-out or pizza joint for a goodly while.

But it was my home, the place that I needed to heal after my divorce, and where I would be able to move on with my creative life.

So why are we moving?

Well, our bathroom ceiling has looked like a refugee from a grow-op for the last four-plus years, there have been several leaks in our kitchen and living/dining room for almost as long, and the building management has ignored our complaints. So we decided to get their attention.

And they responded by deciding that it was just terrible and handed us an eviction notice.

Like it wasn't when they painted over the moldy bathroom ceiling three years ago? D'uh!

So we're looking in the 'hood, but I need (yes, need, not want) a studio, and I'm not sure that we'll end up staying.

To be honest, that's OK: I grew up north of the Bow River, and I'm sure we can find another place that's not inconvenient but that still fits in our budget.

It's time to move on.

But when I'm not having to deal with this silliness, I've been working my you-know-what off down at the studio in Art Central.


My first First Thursday major project

The first First Thursday was a roaring success: I had no voice, was dead on my feet, and had, for all intents and purposes, no wine or cookies to bring home -- my idea of YES -- and I'm looking forward to March 4 (from 5:00 to 8:00 p.m.), which will be the closing reception for I will wait for you in the forest, my newest installation.

Come down to Art Central if you can, stop by, say hi, and have a glass (or two!) of wine and a snack.


  1. Good luck with finding the right space, Linda. We've just moved ourselves, so I know what a pain it can be. But, oh, it feels soooo much better once you've done it.


  2. I am fortunate to live on Lasqueti. Have you visited here at some point? Good luck with finding a place to live that suits you - who knows you might find yourself being drawn farther west! By the way, that's some lovely spinning you have there!


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