Tuesday, 6 January 2009

The Path Less Travelled

Unploughed path

We've had more snow here in Calgary this winter than I can remember since I was young, and while we need the ground moisture, it's been a rude shock to have to regularly shovel great depths, particularly off our deck. The snow drifts up into the back corner quickly, and was more than a meter deep after the last big dump-and-blow.

Given how cold it's been, however, it's mostly the light, fluffy stuff, so the shovelling isn't terribly onerous -- unlike when I lived in northern Virginia, where it was heavy and wet, frequently mixed with freezing rain and/or sleet, and no one knew how what to do with it.

I had all sorts of grand plans for work over the holidays, but they never seemed to happen, and now I'm playing catch-up. Of the two residencies I had wanted to apply for, it turns out that one runs the same time as I've already committed to teaching at Olds College, so that application went by the wayside.

The second one, where I would like to spend some time this coming fall, changed its deadline from January 15 to May 15, so I will be able to get some of the new work I've been playing with done before then, and send off those pictures as well.

Between the two of them, my day today has been fractionally lighter: there is still work to do on a couple of projects I'm developing that are still a bit sub rosa, building models of the new work, and even working in a bit of "recreational" knitting.

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