Wednesday, 3 December 2008

The Shadow Knows....


what weirdness lurks in the hearts of men.

Recently, it was the birthday of Ex-husband #2: he quit talking directly to me a number of years ago, and decided that he would rather vent his anger and frustration (about, but not limited to, me) to the miasma of the Internet.

The only reason I found this out was because someone I knew saw one of his rants and some of the reaction to it, and suggested that I keep track of some of his, um, lesser considered comments.

Earlier this year, he spewed forth a comment about my personal life that was relevant seven years ago, but hadn't been for some time, and I decided that it was time I stood up and pointed out that he was incorrect.

To the displeasure of many of the people who had disparaged him, he panicked and abandoned Usenet newsgroups. For better or worse, he's now taken his ill-tempered calumniations to Twitter.

What a sad, pitiful creature: there's some serious cognitive disconnect happening when a supposedly intelligent person laments that he will forever be alone, yet in the next breath, starts berating others for what he perceives as their faults....



  1. Well, no odder than being the passenger in a car he drove that hung a quick left in front of a semi and was almost totalled -- went through that when he was tinkering with his Prozac.


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