Monday, 20 October 2008

Plus ça change....

Au clair du lune in the afternoon

A Flickrmeet on Saturday out to Kananaskis Country provided the most abundant proof why I love living here: in the space of six hours, we had every season imaginable.

It started out dull, then rained and began to sleet even before we had left the city limits. Forty-five minutes and a blinding blizzard later, we turned off the Trans-Canada Highway, saw a snowplow heading north on the road we were heading south on, and discussed our options (the primary one of which was turning back).

Not a good climbing day

After a stop at the information centre, we discovered that we had lost one vehicle in our caravan, but decided to press on. Within ten minutes of being back on the road, we saw a glimmer of sun and a patch of blue sky -- twenty minutes after that, it was mostly sunny.


But by the time we were at Highwood Pass, the wind was howling again and there was lots of snow on the ground, and we were glad to press on further south.

Guardian of the Larch Forest

Dropping down from the pass, the snow quickly disappeared, and by the time we had turned onto Highway 541 to head to Longview, it was positively warm, the sky was that unmistakable Alberta blue, and the colours of the changing foliage bright and comforting.

Native grasses

Our Canadian election last week didn't solve anything -- the Regressive Conservative party is still in charge, thankfully with a minority, but because of the split of the left (however one defines that!), will rule as if they have a majority. Our elections aren't cheap to run (I certainly did well, working in Special Ballot in the four weeks before, and being a Central Poll Supervisor on election day), and I don't see another one happening for sometime.

Which makes life tough for us artists. As creatively bankrupt as the politicians are, I'm not, and there are some interesting things I'm looking at participating in.

But for the next while, I've got a long list of things to catch-up on (right after the election, I volunteered at Wordfest, about which I will write more in my next entry), a lost ball of yarn to track down, and some applications to finish.

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