Tuesday, 5 August 2008

But it's only August!

There's a reason....

Yes, that is snow up on Storm Mountain.

We took advantage of some better weather and our New-To-Us truck to have a few short adventures over the long weekend here: I've been spending an awful lot of time hunched over my work table, sitting in front of the computer, and knitting, and was in dire need of some fresh air and exercise.

Blow this pop stand

Saturday afternoon, we went down to the weir across the Bow River to check out this year's crop of juvenile male white pelicans: they love to hang out there, catching fish thrown up by the violent undertow in the water. It's a lot of fun to walk around the constructed wetland by the fish hatchery, seeing the flowers bloom and the few avian babies still about (mallard ducks and Canada geese, mostly) with their parents, learning all the things they need to know.

Sunday, we went off to a nearby driving range and split a small bucket of range balls. It was hardly busy there at all, and my skills were, ah, rather rusty: either I dribbled worm-burners straight or blasted great shots far right. Hardly auspicious for someone who had dreams of joining the senior womens' golf tour!

(Moreover, I ache today. A lot. Shoulders. Arms. Wrists. Working on the computer has not been high on my list of fun things to do.)

And then yesterday, we headed off to the mountains for a short hike up to Elbow Pass and Lake from Highway 40. Packed up some sandwiches and a thermos of tea, and got away from vehicle noise -- unfortunately, there were a number of busloads of unquiet children who spoiled what might otherwise be a peaceful retreat. I'm glad the pictures capture the best part of what was up there....

Even the snow! grin

At least I don't feel guilty today for having gone off to recharge my creative batteries, even if I'm now back at the grindstone. Deadlines I've committed myself to that will be met, things to bring to life, and ideas to implement, and words that need an outlet.

The only pressure I have to do these things is from within, of course, but I can be a merciless taskmistress....

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