Thursday, 12 June 2008

If you go out in the woods today....

you might run into this guy heading off to his picnic.

A Sunday drive down Smith-Dorrien Road south of Canmore was remarkably not rainy (we've been trying to decide between various sizes of arks here lately) and silly me forgot to grab my camera.

Thankfully, I was able to borrow one, and snapped this picture of a very healthy male grizzly bear not far from the junction with Highway 40 (I've tagged this picture on Flickr, if you're curious as to where he's hanging out: just click on the picture and look at my map).

He looks to be seven or eight years old, as he's full-grown, but not excessively grizzled: a very handsome fellow having his Sunday perambulation.

While the weather has been mostly cold, dull, dreary, and wet, I've been much less so in disposition, even with having to clean up our home for visitors. What I Felt (pictures below) has been accepted at fibreEssence Gallery for their show in conjunction with the Vancouver Memory Festival.

What I Felt, The Enclosure
What I Felt, The Book

I've also need to decide what I want to submit to an upcoming Canadian Bookbinders and Book Artists Guild show in Montreal, and figure out if I want to apply to another show in Denver and/or a residency opportunity near Calgary soon (the latter two have a June 20 deadline). Not surprising, I've quite pleased that my work is starting to get out there more than just to local shows.

My handouts are almost finished for my two classes for Olds College Fibre Week 2008 and I'm well on my way to creating at least one new course to propose for next year's event (hint: it will be sock-related!). It would be an understatement to say that I'm looking forward to going at the end of the month.

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