Monday, 1 October 2007

Jimi was right....

The Urban Jungle

I was never much of a Doors fan, but I always liked the line No time to wallow in the mire from Light My Fire: the past week has been a mire-and-a-half.

Have I ever mentioned the love/hate relationship I have with artistic juries? It's been a lot more hate than love lately: I got word last week that three separate ones turned me down, the last two within four hours on Friday. A compensatory lunch of sushi with industrial-strength wasabi helped me cope with the first one, while a few cans of Rock Creek Cider (a product of Big Rock Brewery) were a fine anesthetic for the second.

Of course, I can rationalize all the jury decisions, and would probably sympathize with most of them, but at the time, they didn't make me feel very good.

So on Saturday, I went to the Foothills Orchid Society's Annual Show and Sale, which helped a lot. Got a couple of nice pictures of award winners, and had a lovely walk on a fall day through the far western edge of Confederation Park, where I snapped the picture at the top of this entry.

Spent some time yesterday volunteering at the Canadian Bookbinders and Book Artists Guild booth at Word on the Street, which was interesting: I enjoyed the opportunity to show the work of some of the other local members, and exchange ideas.

C'mon, baby, light my fire....

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