Monday, 27 September 2010

Flip-flop fall

There's a front coming in

The calendar may say that October's just around the corner, but we've finally (finally!!!!) started having summer-like weather here. It's been in the 20s C (low 70s for you Fahrenheit-calculators) for the last few days, and looks to stay well above "average" (which is 15-16C/60F) for the next week or so.

Even as I sit here and type in my lonely rustic office, I can smell this fungus that I spotted yesterday when I took leave of the house and went for a wander.


One of our favourite day trips south of Calgary is to Chinook Honey, where once you walk in the door, your olefactory nerves are assaulted with the most overwhelming scent of honey, beeswax, and mead, and that's exactly what thought of when I found it.

Fall is, to my mind, the best season here, particularly when it's like summer.


Take, for example, these larches up at Highwood Pass last weekend, with their transition from bright green through golden.

It must be raindrops #2

It was not the most wonderful for weather: it rained off and on the whole time, and without my gloves, I would have huddled mournfully in the back of the van, waiting for my fellow Flickrites, it was still a great day.

But then again, even a bad day up in the mountains is better than a good day almost anywhere else, except in the studio....

Two sides to every story

Speaking of studio and the office, I've been busy lately. Another grant is out, I shipped more work off to yet another show, and I've got a few more items like that to get through, like finish off another piece for another show (I'm in three this fall, all of which have new work.)

And I'm waiting to hear back from a fourth, which will be recent work, plus spinning up all the yarn I'll need for my residency next month.

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