Wednesday, 2 July 2014


Between working, unpacking, and creating new art, blog updates have been few, though not for the lack of material to write about. I finally finished off the time-lapse video of The Simplicity of Ritual that I completed three years ago, right after setting down this solo road. It's hard, in some ways, to watch it: there are several frames where I'm being quite hysterical, and I can't look at them without having the same emotions I felt when the pictures were taken.


So it's all the more amazing to me the changes that have taken place lately: this blog post, for example, was started a few weeks ago, when I bought a few herb plants, which were the most obvious manifestation of the fact that I have, at long last, began to set down roots again.

Cracklin' Rosie

When I wrote *Deracination* back on Wednesday, December 7, 2011, I wasn't sure I was ever going to want, or be able, to do that again, but here I am.

Chocolate mint

Ironically, I wanted to finish this post off ten days ago, when I was in southern Ontario for a quick turn-around trip to the in-law family reunion. Most of them hadn't seen me in two years, and while I lost emotional control more in those four days than I have in the last six months, I'm very glad I went.

That they were also happy to see me was obvious by the fact that I was the answer to one of the "how well do you know the family" trivia questions. That alone made it all worthwhile.

Mill Pond Trail #4

Time to go back into the studio, and resume construction on the new project.

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